It’s never been more important to keep reading during the summer!

Summer reading programs support your child or teen to read or be read to regularly, which is the best way to maintain—or even improve—their reading level & skills and foster a life-long love of reading.

Print out the reading log for the summer program below, or you can pick one up at the curbside check in area (the old entrance) of the library.

If you're using it for an independent reader (generally ages 7-17), have them read at least 20 minutes a day (or choose a longer goal).

If you're using it for a beginning reader, have them read at least 10 minutes or 1 book a day if you’re a beginning reader (a choose whatever goal will be most supportive to their reading efforts).

If you're using it for a pre-reader (a child who is not reading on their own yet or is primarily being read to), try to read to them for at least 5 minutes a day.

*Feel free to adapt these guidelines to whatever will best support your child's or teen's reading.*

They need to do at least 42 days (6 weeks) of the summer to be considered finished, though more is encouraged! When they’re done, you can return their completed reading to the Library if we are open, put it in the Book Drop if we’re not (& it is) take a picture of the completed chart & email it to hubbardyouthroom@gmail.com, or mail it to: 

Hubbard Memorial Library, attn. Youth Room

24 Center St.

Ludlow MA 01056

EVERYONE WHO HANDS IN THEIR LOG WILL GET AN ENVELOPE OF PRIZES,but we will also be raffling off 12 themed grand prize baskets & bags on 9/1/20.

We must receive your youth's completed log by August 31st for them to be entered into the Grand Prize Raffle.                  

The Grand Prizes are:

Harry Potter basket, Board Games Bag, Marvel Bag, Unicorn Bag  Magic Trick Basket, Narnia Basket, Starbucks Bag, Star Wars Bag, Princesses Basket, Arts & Crafts Pack, Glam Basket, or a Snack Basket from Randall’s Farm.

Each child will get 12 tickets; if your child wants to try for just one basket, PLEASE WRITE THE NAME OF THE PRIZE ON THEIR LOG. Otherwise, we will distribute their tickets evenly among the 12 prizes. 

(SAFETY NOTE: All prizes will be assembled, wrapped or sealed, & stored in an unused area of the library several weeks before the end of the program. We will do the raffle at the beginning of September, but if necessary will delay giving out prizes until authorities say it is safe to do so.)

VIRTUAL PROGRAM: PreSchool Storytime "Look for the Helpers"

11:00am - 11:30am

Monday morning storytime!

This program is going virtual while the library is closed!

We were inspired by this quote from Mister Rogers: "I was spared from any great disasters when I was little, but there was plenty of news of them in newspapers and on the radio, and there were graphic images of them in newsreels. There was something my mother did that I’ve always remembered: “Always look for the helpers,” she’d tell me. “There’s always someone who is trying to help.” I did, and I came to see that the world is full of doctors and nurses, police and firemen, volunteers, neighbors and friends who are ready to jump in to help when things go wrong."

Meet Youth Services librarian July in your own living room each Monday morning for stories about these helpers: 30 minutes of funny, informative, engaging stories, finger-plays, songs and games about a different type of community helper each week.

Our website is currently experiencing some difficulties: you may get an error message after you register, but the registrations ARE going through, you do not need to try again. We will do our best to call you to let know we got the registration! 

You will need a device with a camera & microphone in order to participate. In order to maintain internet safety, we require registration so that we can send you a private link and a password to get into the session, and will send you a new link and password each week.

REGISTRATION CLOSES 15 MINUTES BEFORE THE PROGRAM BEGINS. You will receive an email with a private, secure link to participate via Zoom. If you are using a cell phone, you will need to install the Zoom app, which is free, but if you are using a laptop or desktop computer the link will open without anything needing to be installed.