VIRTUAL PROGRAM: Weekly visit with the Memphis Zoo!

11:00am - 12:00pm

Let the library take you to the zoo!

The Hubbard Library has arranged an exclusive weekly visit with the Memphis Zoo in Memphis, Tennessee! Senior Veterinarian Felicia Knightly will spend an hour each week giving an insiders view of what it's like to take care of the animals physically and medically, show us training sessions, and get up close and personal in a way you'd never get with a live zoo visit!

Upcoming visits will include: giraffes (we'll get to see how they train the giraffes to get into their hooves trim, which is no small feat for an animal so big!), red pandas (we'll watch one get an getting ultrasound for pregnancy!) plus sea lions, grizzlies, seals, polar bears, reptiles, giant pandas, elephants, bonobos, orangutans, lemurs, aardvarks, sloths, rhinos, & more!

Each session will include time for questions and answers from the participants!

You can take a sneak peak here:


Registration is required so that we can send you a private, password-protected Zoom link. You will need a device with a camera & microphone in order to participate.

Our website is currently experiencing some difficulties: you may get an error message after you register, but the registrations ARE going through, you do not need to try again. We will do our best to call you to let know we got the registration!