Rainbow Curly Soap Making for YAs

[middle & high school]


Make a gift or keep it for yourself!

Each participant will make their own fun and quirky swirl soap using a glycerin based soap, colorful soap curls, color, cosmetic glitter and a variety of scents. We will discuss the process of making cold process soap, blending of essential oils and the role of exfoliants in soap making. There is no lye exposure since the process does not involve traditional soap making techniques. Once the concoction has cooled slightly, we will add the glitter, colors, essential oil (optional) and embed the soap curls. At the end of the workshop each participant will take their handmade creation home, it can be removed from the mold the following day and used right away.

The workshop will take place in the library's program room, which has a  brand-new "air scrubber" air filtering machine. Masks (that remain over the nose and mouth for the entire program) are required. Space is limited, please click below to get your spot!

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