The Hubbard Memorial Library selects carefully chosen social media tools as an important enhancement to communication, collaboration and information exchange between Hubbard Memorial Library staff, library users and the general public. The Library recognizes that new tools will emerge which have useful application in the library setting; thus, this policy addresses social media in general.

Library social media offerings are intended to create a welcoming and inviting online space where library users will find useful and entertaining information. In some forums, users may be able interact with library staff and other library users. Library social media sites include any online forum/site, web application, or account created and/or maintained by the Hubbard Memorial Library which permits users to communicate with others through postings. Including, but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, blogs, wiki, YouTube and Flickr.   The Library social media policy applies to all patrons, whether or not registered with Hubbard Memorial Library.

Rights of the Library

The Library’s social media sites serve as “limited public forums.” Library social media policy is not intended to supplement or replace other Library policies. The Library is not responsible for enforcing restrictions which a parent or guardian may place on a minor’s use of this resource. The Library reserves the right to monitor content before it is posted and remove any messages it deems abusive, defamatory, in violation of copyright, or otherwise inappropriate for the service. The Library reserves the right to deny or remove any comments, tags, and/or images that violate the law, the rights of any third party, or library policies. The Library is not responsible for the content on the pages of friends, fans, or followers of the library. The library does not endorse or review content of third-party sites.

Users Responsibility and Use Restrictions

There is no expectation of privacy in postings on Library sponsored social media sites. By using these sites, users consent to the Library’s right to access, monitor and read any postings on the sites. Users of all ages have a responsibility to protect their privacy and should not post personally identifying information such as: last name, school, age, phone number or address. By posting on the Library’s social media sites, users give the Library permission to use a user’s name, profile picture and the content of any posting made without compensation or liability on the part of the Library.


All social media sites used by the Library contain the following disclaimer:

This site is for discussion purposes only. Any views expressed on this site are these of the individual author only. Third party content found on this site does not represent the official views of the Hubbard Memorial Library. The Hubbard Memorial Library accepts no liability for the content of this site.

The Board of Library Trustees will periodically evaluate the role and utility of its online social networking sites, which may be terminated at any time without notice to subscribers.

Adopted by the Board of Library Trustees: November 3, 2015