Photograph Reproduction Policy

The Hubbard Memorial Library photograph collection is a unique and fragile resource. For this reason, the Library has established the following guidelines for their reproduction.

Original Photographs

Patrons interested in seeing the Hubbard Memorial Library photograph collection are invited to peruse the library’s website or the notebooks at the Circulation Desk that include a data sheet and a copy of each photograph. Patrons may ask to see the original photograph(s), which will be retrieved by a staff member unless it is from a glass plate negative. Identification will be requested and held at the desk while photographs are being viewed. Patrons can obtain a digital image of glass plate negatives from the Digital Commonwealth website link on our webpage. Photocopying the original photograph is prohibited unless authorized by a senior staff member.

Digital Images

Many photographs are available on the Digital Commonwealth website for use by patrons. See the library website or go to Copies of photographs that are part of the Digital Commonwealth may be requested from and payment by the patron made to Boston Photo Imaging, 355 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02116 - 617-267-4086.

Photographs not included in the Digital Commonwealth may be reproduced at the discretion of a senior staff member.


The Hubbard Memorial Library adheres in strict compliance with U.S. Copyright Law. Many items in the library’s collection are in the public domain, while others may require a search of the copyright holder. Determining the existence of copyright or any other legal restrictions, as well as obtaining permission from the copyright holder, is solely the responsibility of the requester.

If reproducing an image when the photographer is known, or an image in a publication that is under copyright, the user must assume all responsibility for questions of copyright that may arise.  This could include contacting the photographer and/or publisher prior to use.

Duplication by the Hubbard Memorial Library in no way transfers either copyright or property rights, nor does it constitute permission to publish in excess of fair use.

Publishing Permissions

Photographs may be requested for publication with the permission of the senior circulation staff or the library director. Some restrictions may apply.

See Permission to Publish form.


Approved by the Library Board of Trustees: 02/21.