Adult Volunteer Policy

Statement of Purpose

The Hubbard Memorial Library recognizes that volunteers are a valuable resource for the library. We welcome and encourage members of the community to volunteer their time and talents.

Training and Supervision

Volunteers will attend a mandatory training session prior to the start of their volunteer service. Volunteers will be supervised by the director or other staff members during their shift.

Volunteers must choose a time slot which will be their regular weekly schedule. Two hour time slots are available on a first come-first serve basis. Tuesday and Thursday morning time slots are reserved for volunteers who have at least 3 years of volunteer service to the Ludlow library and have been approved by the director.

Volunteers are restricted to a maximum of 2 time slots per week. Additional time slots may be available at the director’s discretion.

We ask that you notify the staff in advance if you will be unable to work your scheduled shift. Volunteers are advised to check the local news or the library Facebook page for notice of a delayed opening or closure.

Volunteers will sign in/out at the start/end of their shift.

Roles and Responsibilities

Hubbard Memorial Library volunteers are recognized by the public as representatives of the library and will be guided by the same work and behavioral policies as employees. They must adhere to the libraries rules of conduct, drug & alcohol, and sexual harassment policies. It is expected that each volunteer’s dress and hygiene will be appropriate for a business environment.

Tasks that volunteers may be asked to perform are below, but not all opportunities are available at all times:

  • Shelve books and other materials
  • Dust books and shelves
  • Shelf reading (making sure items are in proper order on shelf)
  • Pull holds
  • Light cleaning assignments
  • Tasks such as sweeping and raking, or maintenance

-Services provided by volunteers will supplement but not replace duties of the full or part time staff

-The use of cell phones and Bluetooth headsets is prohibited.

-Bags must be left in the staff room during your shift.

-Volunteers are responsible for maintaining confidentiality of ALL library information

-From time to time, Volunteers may witness behavior of library patrons that does not seem in compliance with library policies. Volunteers should not intervene unless the immediate safety of persons or property is in danger. Concerns about behavior of library patrons should be brought to the attention of the library staff who will evaluate the situation and take action as needed.

-The library is unable to provide liability insurance for volunteers, and volunteers are not eligible for workman’s compensation or other legal protections or benefits given to paid employees. Volunteers are asked to be alert at all times to safety hazards and to report unsafe acts or conditions to the library staff. Volunteers should also notify the director to any assignment which causes physical discomfort or which could lead to personal injury. All injuries, whether minor or serious, must be reported directly to the library director.

-The association between the volunteer and the library may be terminated by either party at any time.

Approved by the Library Board of Trustees (12/17).