Make a Butterfly or Bumblebee Beaded Fringe Winter Scarf

[Ages 6 & up]

Organization: Hubbard Library

Phone: (413)583-3408 x3




Time:Saturday, 12:00pm - 12:45pm


This is a simple craft that yields a toasty, pretty result! Choose either the butterfly or the bumblebee fleece, cut the fringe on each end, slip on beads & knot it, use the library's Bedazzler tool to attach some shiny jewels, and voila! Fabulous new winter scarf!


Children must be adept at cutting with scissors to do this craft. We will meet in the library's program room, which has a professional air filtering machine running. Space is limited, masks and registration are required; please click below to register.  

Building: Hubbard Library

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