Stories In Stone

Organization: Hubbard Library


Time:6:30pm - 7:30pm


Stories In Stone

There are many stone inscriptions hidden in the forests of New England that date back to early Native American and Colonial periods. Some of them are examples of spiritual rock art and cultural artifacts. The purpose and meaning of other inscriptions are cloaked in mystery. There are those who claim they are signs of pre-columbian voyages, hidden treasures, or the dark practice of witches.

In this presentation you will hear about the original mysterious inscriptions in America. You also will see some of the fascinating inscriptions recently discovered in the northeast. Join Michael Girard and enjoy as he shares a mix of history and lore for all to enjoy.

Michael Girard is an explorer and adventurer with over 30 years of experience in discovering some of the lesser-known locations, history and lore of New England. From lost cave to inscribed rocks, Michael brings New England history to life.

Please join us for this virtual event by registering on this website to be sent a link on the day of the event.

Building: Hubbard Library

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