TEENS & SCIENCE-MINDED KIDS: The Solar Eclipse Experience

[Adults, teens, & science-minded kids]

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Total eclipses of the sun are among nature’s most breathtaking events. Richard Sanderson will explain why solar eclipses occur, how they differ from lunar eclipses, and describe the profound and unexpected emotion impact they often have on witnesses. He will also look back at several past eclipses, including the “Great American Eclipse” of 2017. Sanderson will then discuss the upcoming April 8, 2024 total solar eclipse, which will be visible from the northeastern United States, with an emphasis on how to view it safely. 

The one-hour PowerPoint presentation will be illustrated with eclipse photos that Sanderson has taken over the past 50 years from sites as far away as East Africa.

Richard Sanderson was curator of physical science at the Springfield Science Museum in Massachusetts until his retirement in 2018. He currently holds the title of adjunct curator at the museum and also serves as president of the Springfield STARS Club.

Sanderson has written hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles about astronomy and he co-authored the 2006 book, “Illustrated Timeline of the Universe.” An asteroid orbiting the sun between Mars and Jupiter was officially named “6893 Sanderson” in recognition of his lifelong commitment to astronomy education and popularization.


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Building: Hubbard Library

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